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18 years ago like a light switch, the world was changed forever!

What's transpired since is a systematic devolution of freedom and logic passed onto us by the powers that shouldn't be. This tsunami of lies and half-truths has morphed the mythology behind 911 somehow into the reality of many. But the Myth's stranglehold is steadily waning.

The good news is that worldwide, close to half the people on the planet simply do not believe the 911 Fairy Tale. It is no coincidence that a crackdown (censorship) of alternative thought is gaining momentum right here in America on the internet, somehow!

After 911 if you even questioned the gov't you were deemed "unpatriotic". We were bullied into silence. A few years passed and those of us who began to question the "Official Story" were mocked and jeered as "un-hinged", "crackpots", "tinfoil hat" etc. But after a few more years 911 Truth actually began to hit the mainstream on TV. The taboo of talking about it started lifting.

Truth passes through 4 phases.
1. They ignore you
2. They laugh at you
3. They violent oppose and try to argue with you
4. Truth becomes accepted and self-evident.

Well, with 911 we got to the 3rd stage in about 2013. They began to violently oppose us, but then, another light switch went off and the subject was just dropped on the TV, and we've been ignored once again ever since.

The criminals who run the "Cartels of Central Banks" (like the Private Bank called Federal Reserve) who print money out of thin air and loan it at interest (& basically own most of everything) to gov'ts worldwide know all too well that with 911, it is the one crime where we have more than enough evidence to conclude without a doubt that:

"An advanced technology that can turn steel to mostly dust, disappear any trace of doorknobs & toilets, but not burn people, flags, paper or teddy bears was used on 911".

This is not a theory! This is a verifiable conclusion based on the wealth of evidence. This evidence that has been meticulously spelled out in Structural Engineer Dr. Judy Wood's book "Where Did The Towers Go?".

We all were brainwashed at some point. Even those of us who knew something was not right believed for several years that "thermite" and bombs destroyed the Towers.

Then Dr. Judy Wood (And Andrew Johnson @ came around and another one of those "light switches" went off in some of our brains. We broke free from the illusions and learned to think more critically than ever...and to exercise skepticism vigilantly understanding finally that the "Perception Managers", aka, propagandists worked overtime at creating diversions and distractions to lead us astray.

When you've reached this point of understanding (it takes time) experience freedom to think independently. This precise freedom is more dangerous to the Power Structure than any Standing Army. And one by one, we need you with us! We have been programmed for far too long to submit our minds to the authorities who know best as if we are not capable of thinking. For many this is true, but not for me, and if you have read this far, probably not for you either!

To all those who were murdered on 911, to all those who helped in the aftermath at Ground Zero, I pledge my yearly re-dedication to you, and my promise that until History reflects the true reality of 911, I will not stop nor forget!

Somehow, Someway, Someday...

And, as always, don't believe a word I say! Look at the evidence yourself, think critically & come to your own conclusions!

Matthew Nereim
The WTC 6 Truth Movement

PS - 5 years later and I am still waiting for my first taker on my "Open Debate Challenge".

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