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Ein Punkt, den viele gerne vergessen. Die hohen Nazis haben damals zwar die Marschrichtung vorgegeben.
Aber marschiert sind die einfachen Leute. Wäre niemand mitmarschiert, wäre das alles nicht passiert.

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Diese Schlagzeile belegt, dass sich das Zentralorgan der deutschen Hetzer durchaus der Tatsache bewusst ist, dass "die Antifa" der effektivste Gegner von Populisten, Rassisten, Antisemiten, Lügnern, Hetzern, Heuchlern, Faschisten und Nationalsozialisten ist.

Dass sie diese Botschaft mit Lügen verbreiten, passt nur zu gut in(s) Bild...

Ja! Wir nehmen euch die Freiheit zu hetzen, zu lügen und Menschen aufgrund euch nicht genehmer Eigenschaften abzuwerten!


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The graphite cores of two ageing nuclear reactors at Hunterston in North Ayrshire have begun to crumble as cracks spread, prompting safety inspectors to impose tough new conditions threatening future operations.

Technical reports released by the UK government’s Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) reveal that at least 58 fragments and pieces of debris have broken off the graphite bricks that make up the reactor cores.

According to ONR there is “significant uncertainty” about the risks of debris blocking channels for cooling the reactor and causing fuel cladding to melt. This could cause an accident and a leak of radioactivity.

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French Polynesian pro-independence politician Moetai Brotherson is warning it's only a matter of time before the French nuclear weapons test site at Moruroa collapses.

Mr Brotherson made the claim while addressing the UN decolonisation committee in New York which heard about France's refusal to engage in a UN-supervised process.

He had asked France to remove remaining radioactive substances from its former weapons test site at Moruroa, where tests were carried out between 1966 and 1996.

Mr Brotherson, who is also a member of the French National Assembly, said cracks suggested it was only a question of time before the atoll collapsed.

He had asked the French government to remove the remnants of nuclear material from the site for proper disposal.

But Mr Brotherson said he did not expect a positive answer from Paris.

"Explain to me then why the most important French investment in French Polynesia for the past ten years has been the Telsite project, totalling more than US$100 million just to monitor the cracks on Moruroa," he told the committee.

"This is 100 times more money than the total compensation granted to Polynesian victims so far."

Moruroa has remained a no-go zone despite the end of testing 23 years ago.

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The Atomic Minerals Directorate (AMD) has found dangerously high levels of uranium concentration in the groundwater samples across the Lambapur-Peddagattu region, known for large uranium deposits, in Telangana’s Nalgonda district alarming top atomic energy officials to red flag the issue to the government agencies.

The atomic energy officials have red-flagged the startling findings of AMD on high uranium concentration around Lambapur-Peddagattu region to various government agencies, which include the department of atomic energy, ministry of forests and environment, water resources, pollution control agencies and the PMO that supervises the atomic energy activities.

These startling findings have come even as the civil society bodies and political outfits were raising concerns over high levels of uranium concentration found in the groundwater around Tummalapalle in Andhra Pradesh’s Kadapa district, where uranium is mined.

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USA has 90 old nuclear reactors unreinforced and unsupervised

Anyone of dozens of reactors, in america could explode in the next year because they are embrittled deteriorating , more than 20 or 30 yers old and completely unsupervised.

Waterford in La was damaged by massive flooding from the Midwest USA and the last Hurricane.
8 reactors in Florida, Tennessee and Georgia could go with the Tropical storm currently pounding them, since hurricane Michael.

Diablo Canyon was severely damaged by a 7.0 earthquake in southern california in the last few months. It was damaged, embrittled and crumbling before that.
STP has no backuup . It has a cracked fuel pool.

Brunswick in carolina has damaged containment multiple leaks and no access to aome areas, after hurricane maria.

Indian point is at the brink of melltdown by New York City because it is so old and it has had so many transformer fires. It continues to leak tritium like a sieve by New York City.

Davis Besse, Fermi, Oyster Creek all have holes in their containtment.

All 90 shitty old reactors unreinforced and unsupervised under fuko the clown, and the brain damaged coked-out fairy Rick Perry. The other 6 in flood and earthquake zones along with th 90 other, very old death machines. Fuko is refusing to cleanup santa susana and hanford now. Fuko is responsible for Davis Besse fuko is allowing radioactive food to come from Japan. Fuko is responsible for the nuclear catastrophes at santa susana and idaho nuclear laboratory, in the past two years . Fuko is responsible for the nuclear explosion in russia recently by abrogating nuclear arms treaties and massively escalating nuclear arms proliferations and a new nuclear arms race.. Fuko is responsible for upcoming nuclear catastrophe in the USA in the next 6 months.

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Keine Alternative für irgendjemanden!
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